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Islamic School

         Sunday School

Masjid Al Jannah Sunday School is a weekend Islamic school that offers classes from Pre-Kindergarten to High School level. Masjid Al-Jannah  school is committed to provide education in a caring and Islamic environment for the youth of our Muslim Community.
     We have about 14 highly dedicated teachers and staff members, teaching over 65 students on every Sunday. The goal and vision of our school is to educate students in Islamic manner. InshAllah, with the help and blessings of Allah Subhana-Wa-TaAllah, we will work together to meet this vision and make this effort a success.
Masjid Al Jannah  Sunday School provide students with an environment that promotes Islamic values and integration into all aspects of life. The school along with parents assists students in developing self-esteem and confidence. Together, we help students to become responsible and contributing members of Islamic community as well as the global society.
     The school is responsible for ordering books at the beginning of each school year, However parents are bearing the expenses for these books. Students joining later in the year will be responsible for ordering their own books.

  • Registration fees $10.00 per child
  • Monthly fees $10.00 per child
  • 10% discount is available if paid full year fees along with registration fees.

Topics, Subjects and Areas of Focus:

  • Islamic Studies
  • Seerah
  • Islamic Manners
  • Quran Memorization with Meaning
  • Quran Recitation with Tajweed
  • Adab

 Islamic Activities:

  • Wuduh (Ablution)
  • Salaat (Prayers)
  • Hadeeth
  • Islamic History
  • Islamic Morals and Mannerism
  • Other Islamic Studies


    Online Quranic Taleem         

 We are happy to introduce Online Quranic Taleem  for Masjid Al Jannah.

 Participants of this program will be benefited on their own schedule just like any other online educational program. This Online Quranic Taleem  will be performed at one-on-one basis. 

Through this program students will

  • Learn how to read Quran.
  • Understand the Meaning of Quran.
  • Learn Arabic Language.
  • Understand Tajweed.
  • Three sessions of 30 minutes each per week.
  • Face to Face session can be arranged for further understanding of the lesson.
  • Lesson can be previewed ONLINE as well as it can be catered person to person.
  • Procedure and LOG-On Id will be provided by Masjid Al Jannah
  • Discounts for siblings are also available.
  • Only one time registration fees of $20.00.
  • Introductory fees will be $60.00 per month.
  • Automatic deduction form is also available upon request.
  • Make your checks payable to MASJID AL JANNAH.
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